“The makeup course at Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy provided me the knowledge and confidence to perform services when working at a special event. Classes were small which gave instructors the attentiveness to each student. Their passion and dedication will train future professionals to have a glorious & exciting career in the beauty industry.”

Debbie Viloria, Makeup Artist/Cosmetologist

“When Malia told me about opening her school, I applauded her as what is currently available [for esthetic training] is not done on the behalf of the student’s knowledge and personal growth.  I know those of you who are considering a career in this industry will do it from your heart and for your client(s)!  Malia does everything from her heart and has great compassion for those individuals that she touches.”

Stephanie D. Chan, Account Executive for Valmont Group & Bliss.

“Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy is truly a gift with a sincere commitment to both Hawaiian culture and aesthetics; it will be no surprise that the Academy will offer the promise of success.  Malia Sanchez has a passion to develop knowledgeable, well-trained estheticians to deliver rich, relaxing, therapeutic treatments to satisfied patrons.  This combined with her incredible dedication and unsurpassed integrity will make the Academy not only a success but the producer of perhaps the nations best educated.”

Torri Jakes, Trainer & Consultant

“I did my research on esthetics training on Oahu. No other esthetics school on Oahu can compare to Makana.  Malia, the Director and owner of Makana Academy, as well as the instructors, have been great teachers and supporters of all their students.  They make learning fun and exciting.  I got to learn advanced esthetics training and my core esthetics; this prepared me for work right out of school.  Every day I woke up looking forward to going to school.  We learn and grow from each other in a peaceful and friendly environment.”

Mandy Vincent, Makana Graduate October 2009

“I believe my calling has always been to help people see their own true beauty.  So for me, it seemed only natural to enter the field of esthetics, thus bringing me to research esthetics schools in the Honolulu area.  Through my research, I found that Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy was the most modern, using advanced equipment and education compared too [other] schools in the area.  I have enjoyed attending Makana because of the knowledge and dedication of the staff.  The instructors are definitely there to help the students become subject-matter experts and the guidance from the director, Malia Sanchez, is invaluable.  I’m excited to share with you my passion for beauty and my own experiences with Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy.”

Yasmin Graulau, Makana Graduate December 2009

“When I am home to visit I come to Makana’s Spa for services all the time.  The facials I receive here from the students have been very enjoyable and relaxing.  The movements taught here are so very nice, my neck and shoulders from the massage feels so good.  I purchased the recommended [Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skincare] products for my skin concerns and it has made such an improvement with my skin.”

Janice, Client since January 2009

“My decision to attend Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy was the brightest point in my search for a new career in the health and wellness industry.  If you are considering esthetics as a profession, be assured that the training you will receive at Makana is truly exceptional and the attention provided to each student is unsurpassed.  Attending Makana was a wonderful investment, and I graduated readily equipped to work in this rewarding field.”

Tiffany Smith, Makana Graduate April 2009, Licensed Esthetician and Independent Contractor

The first thing that interested me in Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy was the spa setting.  I walked in and immediately I felt calm and relaxed.   Everything is well organized, color coordinated, and you can really see that a lot of hard work and planning was put into this school.  This made me think that if so much effort and dedication was put into building the school, the effort and dedication to the educational program must be equal.  When I met the students I could see they had great confidence in the instructors and the learning materials. It was evident that the Principal, Malia and the Instructors Ms Rhonda, Dale and the rest of the staff were professionals in the field of esthetics.

I am now very happy to be attending Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy.  I learn something new every day and I know one day I will take all that I’ve learned and achieve my goals in the field of Esthetics.

Chelsea Ake, Makana Student January 2010

Hi my name is Nia Johansen, I have been at Makana for almost three months and I can’t believe how much I have learned already.  Makana is the place to be if you want to become a well rounded esthetician. I am not just saying this; I have truly done my research on the island schools, including starting at another school that seemed good at the time, to end up completely disappointed. Here at Makana things are the way you would expect an Esthetics School to be. The school is run in a spa setting and from day one it’s been a fountain of information.  In no time you feel like you belong, everyone here works together to create a serene and comfortable learning environment.  One of the things that I love most about Makana is the philosophy of giving back and nurturing your community.

There is so much to learn and the instructors take their time to ensure that we are learning the proper techniques and that we know our material, so when it comes time to take our State Boards Test we are well prepared.  Makana has set a standard in the spa and beauty community and I am proud to be a Makana Student. I am so exited; I can’t wait to apply all the things I have learned here to my future in Esthetics.

Nia Johansen, Makana Student January 2010